Brief Introduction of Jitai Food Technology Co., Ltd.

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Established on November 14th, 2017, Shandong Jitai Food Technology Co., Ltd. is a new and high-standard vegetable food processing plant. The registered capital of the company is RMB 30 million yuan. The current investment has been reached to RMB 107.51 million yuan including a sum of 35.46 million used for constructions and the rest 72.05 million for equipment. The company mainly conducts business for allicin, garlic protein, extraction of pure garlic polysaccharide, garlic preservation, dehydration of garlic products, fermentation of garlic products, and further processing of other vegetables, processing and sales of degyrated vegetables. The company occupied an approximately area of 20 acres land and expects an annually output of 11,000 tons of high quality garlic products for export. The total investment of the project reaches 385 million yuan. The area of construction totals 44,000 square meters where joint laboratories, micro-negative plant constant-temperature warehouses, and facilities for water cycling and other functions are distributed. The main products of the project are garlic polysaccharide, garlic protein, garlic products, dehydrated vegetables, and other agricultural products. This project has developed into a new driver of traditional farm produce by merans of technological leapfrogging, upgrading of environmental protection, and product improvement