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Garlic Products

一)Fresh Garlic:Purple Garlic、White Garlic、One-clove garlic

There are three kinds of fresh garlic, which differ in the color of thegarlic skin, the number of cloves, and the flavor.
1)Purple Garlic:The cloves are fewer than normal garlic, but the flavor is strongerthan others.


2)The white garlic has more cloves, which are smaller than others.

3)The one-clove garlic, as its name suggests, has only one clove, aritneeds particular growing environment, but it is very nutritious.


二)Fresh Garlic cloves

Package :
For large quantity :Case of exportstandard +PE food plastic pack
For few quantity:vacuum packing ,glass bottle packing ,nylon-bag packing

Dehydrated garlic

distinguishing features:

We have a variety of dehydrated garlic products, featuring different types, flavors,colors, different processing methods and different sizes of product. The two main methodsof dehydration are drying and low temperature dehydration.

1)first-class garlic flakes :

The clean and pure garlic flakes with nice color contain no impurities butthe price is higher than others. Of course, they are good value for themoney.

2)There are different sizes of dehydrated garlic: 

chopped dehydrated garlic(5-8), minced dehydrated garlic(8- 16Chinese mesh, 10-20), grounddehydrated garlic(26-40), granulated dehydrated garlic(40-80),and Dehydrated garlic powder(80- 100).

Package :
For large quantity: Kraft bag of export standard ,foil bag of export standard+Case of export standard ,PE food plasticpack+Case of export standard

small package:Packing as requested by customers ,Food-grade plastic cask