Shandong Green Land Foodstuffs Co., ltd is located in Yiwen town industrial park on the bank of fascinating Danshanzi barrage in Yinan county, very closely to the Wen river which is across the Yiwen town with sufficient water and convenient transportation.


The company was established in December 2004 and starting operation in early 2005.At present, the investment in infrastructure and equipment has reached over 16.5 million yuan, with a total investment of nearly 54 million yuan. The company is an enterprise with many years of foreign trade experience in processing and exporting dehydrated garlic products. In 2015, the company processed nearly 8,000 tons of dehydrated garlic products, accounting for 6% of the total export volume of dehydrated garlic products around the country. The company covers an area of 16600 square meters, production matching workshops &warehouses cover nearly more than 10000 square meters, including many flowing production lines such as picking, drying, crushing, packaging, testing and so on. The main business is deep processing garlic, onion, ginger, pepper and other kinds of dehydrated vegetables. The annual processing capacity of all kinds of dehydrated vegetables can reach 10000 tons, products are mainly sold to Europe ,the United States and other countries.





Since the operation of the plant ,everything have been normalized including the realization of goals, quality control, equipment operation, safety production, export delivery on time rate and further more emphasizing on the improvement of software supporting, strengthening the philosophy of management in managers’ mind, guiding the production with advanced and scientific methods. With the constant improvement of company’s hardware and software, the company has been kindly accepted by customers at home and abroad. Good quality and reputation has brought enough orders for the plant, our enterprise export volume has significantly increased. The enterprise takes advantage of the advantaged vegetable resources in Yinan county to develop the agricultural planting base which is self-controlled and ordered by the enterprise.




The company was granted the self management right of import and export In 2007,. Due to the good quality of its products and high reputation, it has been rated as grade A and grade AA credit enterprise by many state-owned Banks and Rural Credit Cooperatives of Yinan county for many years. It was identified as the leading enterprise of poverty alleviation in Shandong province by Shandong Poverty Relief Office In 2009, the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Linyi city, and the Organic vegetable production base of the company. It was identified as the standardized demonstration area of agricultural products base by Linyi Poverty Relief Office and Agricultural Bureau in 2009.